Huron County Sheriff's Department looking for home invasion suspect

Home invasion suspect 's truck in Cass City

The Huron County Sheriff's Department is asking residents to be on the look out for a man who's breaking into homes.

Friday, a home invasion took place in Meade Township.

Then he made an illegal entry in Oliver Township.

Video was taken of the suspect in his green, Dodge pick-up truck at a business in Cass City.

The suspect is described as having longer white hair, scruffy facial hair, is medium build, in his 50's, and about 5 TM10.

The vehicle may have lime green pin strips on it.

Deputies believe the suspect may have broken into another residence.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Huron County Sheriff's Department.

This is the press release regarding the incident.

On Friday, 2011 at 3:37 p.m, Deputy Ryan Swartz was sent to investigate a home invasion that had just taken place.

Apparently Jessica Brown of Bad Axe had just arrived at her fianc TMs residence at 2551 Campbell Road in Meade Township, when she noticed a strange vehicle in the yard.

Knowing that her fianc, Dan Ritter, wasn TMt home, she continued to go to the house, which has a sign in front of it listing it for sale.

While heading to the house, she heard a noise inside.

A male subject, possibly in his late 50s, walked out of the house and asked her how much land went with the house.

He said he was interested in buying it and after a short conversation, he eventually left.

Brown did not know or recognize the subject but described him as having longer white hair, scruffy facial hair, and was about 5 TM 10 with a medium build.

He was wearing jeans and a white and black flannel shirt.

She described his vehicle as an older green, rusty, full-sized Dodge Ram pickup truck.

The bed of the truck was loaded with junk in the form of metal.

Brown went into the house and found that the door had been forced open, and a loaded .22 gauge rifle was lying inside.

She thought possibly the .22 rifle might have made the noise that she heard when she first arrived, as it was probably dropped on some cans.

Nothing else appeared to be missing.

Damage was confined to the door and door jam.

Unfortunately Brown did not get a license plate number.

Evidence was gathered at the scene and one piece led Deputy Swartz to Cass City.

He was able to get video of the suspect and his truck at a business, which was recorded around 14:15 that date.

It was also learned that the suspect was asking about how to get to Bad Axe, which leads us to believe that the suspect is not from our area.

Saturday, Deputy Swartz learned that a vehicle and subject matching the description from the Campbell Road incident, was seen at a vacant residence on Grassmere Road in Oliver Township. Dave Ferris, who lives next door to his daughter TMs vacant residence, started walking down the road to confront the individual who had been seen inside.

He said he flagged the vehicle over and it stopped as it attempted to leave southbound.

Ferris claimed the driver said he wanted to buy the house but Ferris told him it wasn TMt even for sale. The driver made statements to the effect that he was a mason and he could fix it up.

He then left southbound and no license plate number was obtained.

The vehicle may have lime green pin strips on it.

Ferris claims the two wheel drive, Dodge Ram has a plastic box liner and loud exhaust.

We believe from when it was in Cass City, until it arrived at the Meade Township incident, another residence or residences may have been entered.

The truck TMs box was empty in Cass City and it had items in the back of it, roughly a little over an hour later.

Anyone who recognizes or has further information about the vehicle or driver is asked to Call 989-269-6421 and ask for a Sheriff TMs Deputy.

Further, we are encouraging everyone to be more aware of their surroundings and activities of their neighbor TMs.

When not home, secure your possessions.

Any suspicious activity should be noted and reported.

When possible, license plate numbers to suspicious vehicles should be recorded.