I-75 through Birch Run reopens after tanker roll-over

Dozens of calls rang into the Saginaw county 911 dispatch. A tanker hauling nearly 50 thousand pounds of acrylic acid has overturned leaking onto the interstate.

"In the next few minutes it got bigger, we knew we would need more and more resources," said Saginaw county 911 director tom McIntyre.

The hazardous material situation forced evacuations and the need for the Saginaw County hazmat team.

"They didn't even give us a chance to find out anything going on you walked out the building and they told you to leave," said birch run resident Denise Matson.

Multiple agencies working tirelessly to manage the spill and assess injuries.

"There is an initial adrenaline push that happens in the first few minutes, first few hours," said McIntyre.

Nearly 18 hours, interstate traffic was halted. The 911 center says they took dozens of calls concerning the closure.

"I cant remember the last time we had both north bound and south bound i-75 shut down for this many hours," said McIntyre.

Police say the driver of the tanker and several firefighters were taken to the hospital for exposure to the acid.