Ice storm impacts southern counties with heavy snow to the north

Ice will be a serious issue across our southern counties and for portions of Saginaw county.

Heavy snow, the perfect kind for snow forts, will impact everywhere else and an expected snow totals map can be found on the second picture.

The first image shows how much ice we can expect with the forecasted 1" of rain, and how it varies depending on temperature.

Finally, the next 7 days will bring another inch or so of snow Monday night, and a clipper should dust us on Christmas.

STAY OFF THE ROADS, for the safety of yourselves and the drivers of the salt trucks.

Heavy ice accumulation is difficult to get rid of, it is not as simple as throwing down salt so trucks need space to scrape.

Trees coated with ice and heavy snow, along with power lines, will be weighted down and easier to harm with breezy overnight conditions.

Have a plan in case power goes out, and simply stay off the roads until crews have had a chance to work through the morning.

At this point, at least a third of an inch of ice is expected with temperatures running right on the line.

For more info about the ice storm warning click here.

For info about the winter weather advisory click here.