Imprisoned ex-Marine's family hopes song can secure freedom

Amir Hekmati has been imprisoned in Iran since Aug. 29, 2011.

Flint native and ex-Marine Amir Hekmati has been imprisoned in Iran for 15 months, accused of being a U.S. spy. His family now hopes a special song will be heard around the world and boost their continued pleas for Amir's freedom.

"It's an awfully long time for a dad not to see his son," Mott Community Professor Dr. Ali Hekmati said.

Dr. Hekmati says his family's pleas for Amir's release have gone unanswered. Now, battling brain cancer, he hopes the song â??I Will Fly,â?? written by Mott music professor Dr. Matt Packer, can bring his son home.

Dr. Packer said he hopes the track will reach far and wide and raise awareness about Amir's plight.

Amir Hekmatiâ??s mother, Behnaz Hekmati, said, â??I feel relieved that the community cares about Amir, they care about us.â??

For her, support from the Mott community and beyond is a glimmer of hope she hangs on to every day. She said she wishes the song will soon reach people in Iran and expedite Amir's release.

â??He really was the heart of our family,â?? Behnaz Hekmati said.

â??I really miss him. I want to hug him, you know? Just feel his skin, you know? Being away from him was so hard. Just want him to come home. Please help us."

Once complete, the song will be available for purchase on Proceeds will go toward Amirâ??s defense fund.