In new book, Corrine Baker claims she didn't kill her baby

Dominick Calhoun

In a new book, convicted murderer Corrine Baker says she didn't kill her son Dominick Calhoun.

The book, ""I Didn't Kill My Baby", was written by Laura Schupbach Oullette and published by Xulon Press. Those who are opposed to its publication point out for days, Baker ignored pleas for help from her 4-year-old son as he was tortured by her live-in boyfriend Brandon Hayes. This book claims she isn't responsible for young Dominick's death because she didn't physically harm the child herself.

The death of the 4 year old lead to a change in state law, that provides stiffer penalties to people who torture children in Michigan.

In the book, Baker claims she is sorry and how she's a better person now. Some feel its a shame that there is a profit being made on this.

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