Inmate to plead to attempted poisoning charge in serial stabbing case

The man accused of trying to poison Flint's serial stabbing suspect, Elias Abuelazam, will plead to five years in prison.

Prosecutors accused 34-year-old Andre Edward Franklin of putting oven cleaner on apple slices intended to be served to Elias Abuelazam. Franklin is a fellow inmate who was a trustee. The trustee status brings additional responsibilities and priveleges in jail, like the ability to serve other inmates.

The apple slices never made it to Abuelazam. Franklin says he threw them away. Franklin's family says it was just a joke.

Franklin will plead to attempted poisoning, which carries a five year prison sentence. The original charge of poinsoning carried a 15-year sentence. Franklin will plead to that charge February 22 in Judge Hayman's courtroom.