Internet security company warns of 12 Christmas shopping scams

Internet security company McAfee has released the twelve scams online shoppers need to be aware of this year.

The company says the top risks include mobile malware, malicious mobile applications, phony Facebook promotions and contests, fake antivirus software, holiday screensavers, Mac malware, Holiday phishing scams, online coupon scams, mystery shopper scams, hotel wrong transaction emails, gift scams, and I TMm away from home scammers. You can read more details about each scam on the company TMs website.

As you're shopping this year, particularly if you do online business, McAfee wants to remind you that it is important to be extra vigilant when you TMre looking at those too-good-to-be true offers. If you have any questions about the offer, it is best to call the company directly or contact the Better Business Bureau.

Out of fear of scams, some people avoid online shopping completely. How do you do most of your Christmas shopping? Do you go into the stores, or do you prefer to do it from your computer? Tell us below in the comment section.