Interstates jam with drivers following the holiday weekend

AAA estimates nearly 1.4 million Michigan residents hit the road this holiday weekend. Michigan interstates are jamming full of motorists heading south after a weekend in the sun.

"Itâ??s three hours from my cabin to home I live in Utica so were at two and a half hours already and I got another hour to go," said Mitch Warnick.

Traffic along interstate 75 through Flint was flowing freely this afternoon.

But residents stopping at the Clio rest stop say north is a different story.

"Just north of Zilwaukee south to just about five miles from here," said Warnick.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has the Zilwaukee Bridge reduced to one direction of traffic creating bumper to bumper conditions for drivers.

"Stop and go for about a good 30 miles," said Warnick.

Traffic gave drivers a headache, but for passengers itâ??s a chance to rest up from a busy weekend up north.

"We fell asleep for most of the ride,â?? said Lucia and Lexi.

For those traveling by car AAA says gas prices are 11 cents higher than last year. Hitting the estimated 87 percent of travelers at the pump.

Construction is scheduled to resume across Michigan starting Monday. Including major projects along Interstate 69 over Irish Road and 75 through Zilwaukee, diverting that traffic to 675 around Saginaw.