Interview with mother, aunt of victims of escaped quadruple murderer

A nationwide alert has been issued for escaped prisoner Michael Allen Elliot, who lived in Saginaw. Elliot was convicted of four murders back in 1993.

Now Elliot is at large. His last known location was in northern Indiana.

NBC25's Walter Smith-Randolph interviewed Dorothy Tufnell, who was the mother of victim Michael Tufnell. Also killed was her nephew, Bruce Tufnell and the two men's girlfriends; Vickie Currie and Kathy Lane.

Tufnell said the motive for the killings was drug money. When Elliot and another man were unable to find the drug money, they killed the four people in the home and then burned down the house.

A call came in to her home in Wayne, Michigan about the escape last night around 10 pm, said Tufnell. However, the call was just a recording and to stop the calls from repeating she needed a PIN. The information is now all given online, however, and she doesn't have a computer. So the calls continued all night until she was finally able to stop them this morning.

Dorothy Tufnell, who is now 77-years-old, said she went to court every day during Elliot's trial.

When asked if Elliot showed any remorse during the trial, Tufnell said, "No."

Tufnell also said she wants Elliot found, "He had a life sentence and he should be serving it out."

The pain of the murders are still with her as well, "It is still there every single day. You think about it. You know what went on. It's, you know, you have to do your own life afterwards. 20 years is a long time, but yes it is still there all the time. You still think about it."

When asked if he was still dangerous, she said, "Be careful of him, because you know, he has been in prison since he was 21-years-old and I wouldn't think he's gotten any better over the time."

"I think the woman that got away from him was very lucky."

Tufnell also wants to know how he escaped. She was told that there was a count at 1 pm on the day of the escape and Elliot was there. Then, another count was done at 9 pm and he was gone.

She described him as, "... a nice looking young man. He doesn't look like a criminal. I don't know what he looks like 20 years later."

Be sure to watch NBC25 tonight at 6 to hear more from Dorothy Tufnell and about the escape of Michael Elliot.