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      Inventor comes up with possible solution to hot car child deaths

      Fray worked on the problem of kids dying in hot cars and came up with the "Guardian Cam."

      Every summer the news is hit with dozens of stories of children dying in hot cars.

      After being "fed up" with the news of children dying in hot cars, a Florida mom believes she and an inventor have a solution.

      Denise Samuel said, "As you listen at the various news reports you hear people say there's no solution, no solution, but I'm saying if we can send a man to the moon, surely there has to be a solution to our kids dying in a car."

      So Samuel went to Eddie Fray, an inventor who was also frustrated with the lack of solutions.

      Fray worked on the problem and came up with the "Guardian Cam." The way the system works is each time the ignition is turned on or off, or the vehicle's key is removed, an interior camera takes pictures of the back seat.

      The image is then sent to a data bank in the vehicle's security system. If a child is detected, the vehicle alarm goes off and the windows roll down.

      This all happens within a matter of 15 seconds.

      It also works on motion detection, so if a child gets into the vehicle, the system will spring into action.

      Fray is working with national advocacy groups that deal with hot car deaths. "We're talking to whomever. We're gonna knock on any doors. We'll talk to whomever will listen to us."