Investigation into Thetford Township explosion continues

Police and fire authorities have not released any new information at this time.

The Clio Area Fire Chief told NBC 25 the investigation is trying to determine exactly where the gas came from.

Neighbors across the street say the Miller's had been working outside their home when they heard the blast.

"All of a sudden my house just shook. It just really rocked my whole house. The house across the street exploded," said neighbor Stephanie Gunn.

Neighbors say employees of miller communications were nearby during the explosion.

"The workers saw the cars of the owner and the wife and they could not get a hold of them. They did not know if they were still in the house or not," said Gunn.

Fire and police crews uncovered the bodies of Dave and Sue Miller during search efforts after the fire.

"They are very well known in the community they have been just wonderful people as far as I know," said Gunn.

"They were really nice people," said a Thetford Township resident.

24 hours later Consumers crews and emergency personnel have not released any information about the source of the blast. Their investigation continues, but neighbors say the company has been doing their rounds.

"Consumers came over and check our meter and they did find a small gas leak by the meter so we are thankful they did come over and check that and fix that," said Gunn.

Passerby's stopped along Vienna Road throughout the day taking a look at what's weighing heavy on their neighbors.

"It could happen to anybody. We are holding our family closer," said Gunn.

Power and emergency crews left the scene late this afternoon and have not released any new information.