Investigators crack cold case

The search began at Bloss Farms in Gaines Township.

â??This is a needle in a haystack. Meaning your looking at cornfield after cornfield and the chances of finding her were extremely slim."

A collective effort for local and state authorities lasting 15 days leading police to a womanâ??s body.. dental records confirm it was Cook.

â??To see the scale and how much was dug it's overwhelming. They brought a daughter home, they brought a sister home, they brought a family member home to get closure."

And answers.. Cookâ??s sister Jen saying the last seven years played out like a nightmare.

â??We knew from the beginning that she had been murdered and we feel its absolutly horrible it happened in the first place. We are devastated for the the last seven years but we are happy That we are finally able to bring her home."

Chief McKenna says none of this would have been possible without the cooperation from Bloss Farms and C & H construction company. Which provided vital assistance in the recovery.