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      Is emu for you?

      One of the areas most popular chefs says go ahead and give emu a try.

      Certified Executive Chef Matt Cooper of Mott Community College, says emu is lean and delicious. And it's full of protien. Finding it may be a problem though.

      Chef Cooper cooked fresh emu on NBC 25 Today. He picked it up at Great Lakes Emu Products in Midland. It's website indicates they've been raising emu since 1985. "All of our birds are raised in a free ranging environment with no antibiotics. We offer for sale breeder emu and emu chicks(at certain times). We do not ship our live emu, they must be picked up at our farm.Emu Meat and Emu Oil products also availabe to order. The emu oil products can be shipped worldwide and the meat anywhere in the USA." .emusingsecrets.com

      Chef Cooper prepared marinated emu with a mushroom sauce. As a side dish, he made chopped kale with sliced red peppers, chopped bacon, olive oil, with a little salt and pepper. Cooper says emu runs about 10 dollars a pound.

      As a footnote, all but one the members of the NBC 25 Today show staff tried the emu and loved it.