January in review: Snowiest, one of our coldest

A typical January in Houghton, MI averages in at 16.2°. Notice Flint was 0.5° colder than that this month!

January 2014 was one for the record books in Flint!

This was our snowiest January on record with 32.9" measured at Flint's Bishop Airport (see image 1).

Although all the temperature data isn't completely in yet, this will likely be one of our top 10 coldest Januarys on record (see image 2).

To give you an idea how cold it was, our average temperature for the first month of 2014 was similar to what you would expect in a typical January in Houghton, MI (see image 3)!

(And be sure not to confuse Houghton with Houghton Lake!)

If you haven't had enough winter weather, more snow will greet us on the first day of February.

See image 4 for an updated snow forecast map, and click on the video for your extended forecast!