Jeff Janis becomes 4th SVSU football player to be drafted to NFL

Jeff Janis is headed for the big show.

"It's pretty cool" says Jeff.

The Saginaw Valley State graduate now has a chance to play in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers.

"It feels really great. It's a blessing and I'm really excited and I just got to Green Bay yesterday so I'm getting a feel for the city and the facilities" he says.

A small town hero now hoping to make the roster this fall, and make his hometown of Tawas proud.

"I'm really happy to represent my hometown and everybody there is really excited for me" says Jeff.

But being drafted does not mean he's on the team just yet, he must make it through the teams training camp and survive several rounds of cuts.

His SVSU coaches, however, say there is no doubt in their minds he will end up wearing the green and gold.

"Number 1 he is a lot bigger, he's faster, stronger, he's more explosive" says SVSU football head coach Jim Collins.

"These are all the characteristics the NFL looks for in a player and that everyone looks for in a player" says Jim.

"You look at Jeff and him being the 4th player that we have ever had taken out of the university to be drafted, I mean that is one heck of an accomplishment" says SVSU Athletics Director Mike Watson.

Humbled, Jeff says he hopes this shows success can come from anywhere.

"It didn't matter where I came from, I just came to Saginaw Valley and made the best of my time there and gave it my all and like I said I'm really looking forward to representing Tawas as well" says Jeff.

3 other players were picked by other NFL teams as Free Agents.

Mike Watson and Jim Collins also say they are very excited to continue providing valued draft picks while much larger universities like Texas had no picks until much later in the draft.