Jesse Jackson calls for second stimulus

The Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks at Word of Faith International Ministries in Saginaw.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson brought his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition to Saginaw Sunday, pushing an aggressive economic agenda as part of his tour Rebuild America: Jobs, Justice and Peace.

We bailed out the bankers, bailed out the insurance companies, we TMre bailing out Afghanistan. It TMs now time to bailout Flint, Saginaw, Detroit and bailout America, Jackson said in an exclusive interview with NBC25 moments after speaking to the congregation at the Word of Faith Church in Saginaw.

Jackson told the congregation the system as they know it is not working. You have record profits on Wall Street, on the other hand record home foreclosure, (and they are cutting) public transportation, housing, libraries and teachers.

He said part of the answer is in a second stimulus, when discussing the first package worth $787 billion signed into law in February of 2009 by President Barack Obama. Some economists worry a second stimulus could hurt the economy, but Jackson said things are worse for the poorest of people.

For the working poor it TMs really a depression, he said. Without a job you can TMt even negotiate a housing agreement. They can TMt even send their children to college.

Jackson urged church-goers to financially support his Coalition, and join him on August 28th for a Rebuild America march in Detroit. That is also the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. TMs I Have a Dream speech in Washington D.C.