Journalist defends article that outraged Flint residents

<p>The story's title, <i>This is America's most apocalyptic violent city and you probably never heard of it</i>" is under fire.</p>

An article written about Flint in a New York City online publication has faithful Flint residents pushing back after they say it focuses on just one side of the city.

The story's title, 'This is America's most apocalyptic violent city and you probably never heard of it' is under fire from residents. The article surfacing over the weekend has many Flint natives calling the article biased and untrue.

"I am sorry for passing judgment on a place they love so deeply. I can understand how it struck a nerve," said reporter Laura Dimon.

Reporter Laura Dimon is apologizing for her article depicting a city she says she has never visited.

"How can you write an article when you donâ??t know whatâ??s going on in the city," asks Flint native Rodger Jackson.

Dimon writes in the article, "Flint now drowns in the hell that has become much of Americaâ??s rust belt.â??

But downtown Flint entrepreneur Joshua Spencer is encouraging Dimon to take a closer look at Flint.

"We all have problems, every city has crime in violent areas," said Spencer.

To an outsider, Flint is the FBIâ??s most violent city in America. And it is in a financial crisis. However, there is progress. A new financial manager and police chief are in place with the goal of turning Flint around.

"I love the city and my family is here, my friends are here my church is here," said Spencer.

Flint faithful Rodger Jackson says he can't imagine anyone calling his city anything other than great.

"I love Flint because its a great city to live in," said Jackson.

Dimon says overwhelming feedback is making her rethink the story.

"With the responses Iâ??ve gotten it absolutely does not seem like hell," said Dimon.

She says she is planning to visit Flint before publishing another article about the city in the future. To hear more segments of my interview with Dimon click here.