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      Juicy News! This little piggie is healthy

      The other white meat is getting a whole lot leaner. And perhaps a little more expensive.

      The executive director of the Michigan Pork Producers Association, Mary Kelpinski, says pork can actually be leaner than chicken these days. And with the newfound popularity of BBQ ribs and pulled pork, consumption is up. More people are eating pizza, too and with that comes pepperoni. (yup that's pork). These days people are also adding protein to their diet, and pork is a great source of it.

      But the recent drought will likely increase the cost of feed for pigs. And that will likely impact pork prices. So Kelpinski says stock up on pork products now, before prices go up.

      The National Pork Board has a new ad campaign dubbed "Pork: Be Inspired". Sounds kinda cosmic to me. But I'm all about pulled pork. And when I went to Qdoba the other day, I added the pork to a salad. I get bored with chicken, sometimes.

      Kelpinski, who I call "The Pork Queen", talked about her favorite pork dishes in a speech to the Kiwanis Club in Swartz Creek today.

      You can check out all sorts of cool recipes using pork at www.PorkBeInspired.com