Jury deliberates in trial of accused serial child rapist

The fate of a man accused of being a serial sexual predator is now in the hands of a jury.

The prosecution and defense delivered closing arguments in the trial of Mark C. Jennings II Tuesday morning in Saginaw County Circuit Court Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek TMs courtroom.

Jennings is on trial for one count of 1st degree criminal sexual conduct. Outside of this trial he is charged with additional counts criminal sexual conduct in Saginaw County.

Investigators say Jennings sexually assaulted several girls, some of them relatives. Family members say they hope this current trial delivers a lengthy verdict, so the others aren TMt necessary. Carrollton Township Police arrested him for the crimes in 2008, and the legal process has been emotionally draining.

The grandmother of alleged victims says she fears he will harm more girls if he isn TMt found guilty.

"If this man doesn't go to prison he will rape another little girl, she said. He's been doing it for years, and the next little girl he rapes he'll kill her... because now he knows little girls sometimes talk.""

The defense attorney for Jennings says he is confident the jury will find his client not guilty. He says Jennings is the victim of lying manipulative girls.

Mark Jennings is an innocent man thrust into a night mare," said attorney Edward M. Czuprynski.

Jury deliberations are scheduled to continue Wednesday morning.