Jury finds accused serial stabber guilty

Defense attorney Brian Morley speaks with the media after the verdict was read Tuesday.

A jury has found accused serial stabber Elias Abuelazam guilty of first-degree pre-meditated murder.

Abuelazam was on trial for the deadly stabbing of 49-year-old Arnold Minor in August 2010.

Minor's blood was found on Abuelazam's clothes and in his SUV.

The jury listened to closing arguments Tuesday morning before deliberating for about 90 minutes.

"Certainly in my eight years as prosecuting attorney this is the most intense manhunt that I'd ever seen by law enforcement and one of the most intense prosecutions that I've supervised and participated in," Genesee County Prosecutor Dabid Leyton said.

"This was overwhelmingly bad evidence, even for a town that's unfortunately used to bad stuff, overwhelmingly bad. What's not answered is the 'why'. This kind of stuff doesn't happen. Am I saying the jury got it wrong? Not necessarily, but its a hard, hard issue to prove that there was insanity so it is what it is. It was bad facts and tough facts," said Abuelazam's defense attorney Brian Morley, who added that he firmly believes his client was insane when the stabbing spree took place.

Abuelazam also is charged with stabbing someone in Toledo, Ohio, and is suspected in attacks in Leesburg, Virginia.

He will be sentenced June 25th, and will likely receive life in prison without the possibility of parole.