Jury finds Ken Bluew guilty on all four charges

A jury has found a former Buena Vista Township police officer accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend guilty of all charges.

After three weeks, 21 witnesses called by the prosecution and just one by the defense, a quick decision decides the fate of Kenneth Bluew. Guilty on four counts in the death of Jennifer Webb and their unborn son in August of 2011.

He was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, assaulting a pregnant individual intentionally causing a miscarriage or a stillbirth of a fetus or embryo, and two counts of possessing a firearm during commission of a felony.

During Thursday's closing arguments, the prosecution and defense argued over the quality of evidence presented in the trial.

"You don't find any trace evidence of any kind of Jenny Webb" said Rod Oâ??Farrell, Kenneth Bluewâ??s attorney.

Prosecutor Michael Thomas said, "positive with overwhelming evidence as unchallenged scientific DNA certitude."

According to the prosecution, the most important piece of evidence in finding Bluew guilty was the fingertip of a glove that the prosecution says Webb bit off when fighting for her life.

"The bloody fingertip was tough to top and there was no explanation i don't think there is any other explanation for that," said Thomas.

Thomas also said that this is the most tragic case he's ever tried and that he's happy to achieve justice for the Webb family.

"The fact it's over and we don't have to keep going through this and he can sit back and contemplate what he's done," says Jennyâ??s father, Donald Webb.

"I'm happy this all came down the way it did but she's still not coming back," says Dawn Webb.

A sentencing date has not yet been set.