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      Jury from St. Clair Co. seated in case for Brandon Hayes, man accused of killing Dominick Calhoun

      The jury is seated in the case against Brandon Hayes, the man accused of beating and killing a 4-year-old boy to death in April 2010.

      Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Tammy Phillips said 14 jurors â?? 2 are alternates â?? will be sworn in Thursday morning in St. Clair County court. All of the jurors are from St. Clair County.

      The case was moved out of Genesee County after officials said they couldn't find a fair panel of jurors.

      Attorneys were adamant about keeping the media out of the courtroom for jury selection Wednesday. About 60 potential jurors reported to Judge Daniel Kellyâ??s courtroom.

      The jury will hear opening statements in Port Huron, then taken to Genesee County to hear witness testimony, which, Genesee County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Tammy Phillips said is expected to begin sometime next week.

      Brandon Hayes is accused of beating and killing 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun of Argentine Township in April 2010. He is charged with first degree murder, child abuse and torture.

      Police say the alleged beating happened at the apartment Hayes shared with his girlfriend - and Dominickâ??s mother - Corrine Baker. Investigators say the abuse started when Dominick accidentally wet his pants. That was a Thursday morning. Dominick died the following Monday.

      In September, Baker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and child abuse. As part of the plea, she will testify against Brandon Hayes. While his defense hopes a change of venue will ensure a fair and un-biased jury trial, prosecutors hope for a swift conviction.