Kearsley High School remembers 9/11 victim

Eric Bennett

It was in the same classroom Andy Nester teaches that he got the news.

â??An advanced placement student walked in and said, Mr. Nester, the World Trade Center just collapsed,â?? says Nester.

9/11 has a special meaning for Kearsley High School. Eric Bennett, class of 1989, was killed in The World Trade Center.

â??The class officers as seniors wanted to dedicate a memorial of what happened,â?? says Nester.

Dedicated in Bennett's memory, the memorial stands tall in the school's front hallway. Students who barely remember that day walk by it everyday.

â??Kind of just hopefully have an impact on their daily activities,â?? says Paul Gaudard, athletic director at the high school.

The memorial and Nester's lessons also focusing on tolerance.

â??We try to discuss being tolerant---having tolerance in a difference of opinion,â?? says Nester.

â??We have a very diverse student body and for the most part, they are very respectful of each other's differences and we really hoping that this can play into that,â?? says Gaudard.

The memorial is a daily reminder of a life lost and the need for understanding.

Eric Bennett was working on the 102nd floor of the north tower on September 11th.

Kearsley High School and Ferris State University, Bennett's alma mater, both present awards in Eric's honor every year.