Keeping cool while working in a heatwave

The ceiling fans at Kan Rock Tires are getting a work out this week.

â??Itâ??s a relief to know 80 degrees is coming. 80 degrees isn't bad, we'll welcome that,â?? says Aaron Ambs, store manager at the Kan Rock on Corunna Road.

The mechanics on Corunna Road are hoping they don't overheat like some of the cars they're working on.

â??Almost unbearable. It's definitely hot outside,â?? says one of the mechanics.

â??Temperatures in the garage bays are climbing above the 100-degree mark.

â??It can get to about 115 degrees out there so it's pretty warm,â?? says Ambs.

Down in Grand Blanc Township, Deputy Fire Chief Bob Burdette says 115 is nothing.

â??Oh, it's brutal inside a fire on hot days like today,â?? says Burdette.

If you don't believe the deputy chief, he'll give you a little taste by trying on the turnout gear.

â??We stay hydrated, but once you get outside, we take our masks, coats, as much off as we can,â?? says Burdette.

Burdette says his firefighters are taking extra precautions and looking forward to a cool down.