Ken Bluew questioning video shown

The morning after Jenny Webb's body was found, Lieutenant Jason Teddy with the Michigan State Police was called into the case. He quickly realized they needed to talk with Bluew.

"I conferred with Detective Sergeant Ogg recognizing that it would be important to interview Mr. Bluew,â?? said Lieutenant Teddy of the Michigan State Police.

Ken Bluew agreed to a meeting at the Buena Vista Township Police Department the morning of August 31st.

During that interview Bluew says he met Webb ten years ago at the Back Street Bar in Saginaw, adding their friendship was casual.

Bluew said Webb would call him out of the blue and ask him whatâ??s going on.

After the interview Bluew agreed to escort the officers to his vehicle.

â??I received consent to search his vehicle with the initial purpose of obtaining the uniforms he had worn during his shift that night,â?? said Teddy.

Bluewâ??s yellow laundry bag was taken with a uniform in it but that wasnâ??t all.

"Upon lifting the rear bench seat of the pick up I observed what appeared to be another police uniform in a storage bin underneath the seat,â?? said Teddy.

Following the interview with Bluew MSP searched Webbâ??s phone.

"And the last incoming call received on Miss Webb's phone prior to her death was from Ken Bluew's phone. Also I observed a series of text messages exchanged between Miss Webb and Ken Bluew,â?? said Teddy.

Those messages included one from Webb stating in part, â??did you break any ice this week or just gonna drop an atomic bomb?â??

Bluew repliedâ?¦

â??LOL!.. Nope, not yet, still working on that.â??

The other witness today was Lieutenant Ronald Crichton of the Michigan State Police Crime Lab in Bridgeport. He matched two pieces of jewelry found at the crime scene to Miss Jennifer Webb. Trial will continue tomorrow.