Kettering University receives funds for pre-college programs

GM is giving $110,000 to Kettering University to support various programs.

The check was fittingly handed over by a robot named Admiral.

It all happened Saturday at the school's 13th annual first robotics competition.

The competition pits high school engineering teams against one another.

They design robots that compete in basketball games.

GM representatives say it is inspiring to see this kind of ingenuity and creativity and they want to support that.

"We are in a time when there is competition globally and we need to raise the standard of education here in the states" says GM manufacturing manager, Gerald Johnson.

"We are making sure we reach out to all students and create programs that show them they can do this and have tremendous careers," says Dr. Robert McMahon of Kettering University.

Kettering University says it will use the money to support its pre-college programs for women and students of color.

More than 4,000 Kettering graduates are employed by GM.