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      Key Flint rehabilitation center expands

      New group therapy rooms are designed to make patients feel comfortable sharing their story with others.

      Sacred Heart rehabilitation center was founded in Detroit in 1967. Now they have locations all over the state. In Flint, they have a vital function in the war against substance abuse. That function, helping people kick the habit. Now, they are helping twice as many people.

      Recent expansion has brought in 350 new clients to take advantage of new services like an expanded group therapy room, and medication assistance therapy. This doubles the number of clients previously served. Community Relations Coordinator Tom Brubaker says the "Flint Recovery and Wellness Center" as it is known, is now 7,000 square feet, and they are adding more services all the time. Today, they had an open house to reach out to more people struggling with need. Brubaker says if you need help, don't hesitate to come to the center and ask for it.

      "We just ask that you take that first step. We are there for you and your confidentiality is first and foremost," says Brubaker. He also says they take most insurances and even provide some free services. Among those are AIDS testing and contraception. The center also cares for AIDS and HIV infected patients thanks to a state grant.

      The center is located at 2091 Professional Drive in Flint.