Kids 'Invent For Good' at Flint Public Library

Kids invent at Flint Public Library. (WEYI)

Kids piled into the Flint Public Library today to put their inventing skills to the test.

"I have this prototype alarm where it's pressure censored and it makes this noise box go off," said Brice Hamilton.

Working with electronic building blocks called Little Bits, they were challenged to "Invent for Good" and create something that would make someone's life better.

"You know how people break into houses more frequently in Flint than most places," Brice questioned. "I want to invent something like this later, so it can help with break-ins."

It was a chance to get young engineers involved with hands on activities.

"What I was making was to help people with their medicine," said Jasmine Smith. "It would have a timer that you could set it on, and whatever time you set it to, it would roll to where you are."

Organizers say fun learning is one of the best ways to get kids motivated.

"It's becoming more and more important that our kids learn technology at an earlier and earlier age," said Suzanne Daniels from Little Bits.

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