Killer's panties for sale on 'murderabilia' website

A Florida-based dealer is asking $300 for crocheted panties belonging to Samantha Bachynski.

The Michigan woman is serving a life sentence without parole for a 2006 murder spree killing three people.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton prosecuted Bachynski and says the horrific deaths are seared in his mind.

"I remember the case very well, it was a heinous crime involving Ms. Bachynski and a gentleman named Patrick Selepak. They committed 3 murders, one here in Clio and 2 in Macomb County. It was a terrible murder where they actually injected bleach into the skin of one of the victims," said Leyton.

The website, sells items like Charles Manson's signed mugshot for a $175.

There's also Jeffrey Dahmer's written confession on sale for $20.

But those are not the most shocking items up for sale.

Nearly ten years later he says an online website offering morbid reminders to the highest bidder makes it hard for the victimsâ?? families to move on.

"They're being re-victimized all over again it's absolutely a disgrace," said Leyton.

To Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell the crime related merchandise is disturbing.

"These are sickos. You don't murder three people then try to make profit from it how does that happen, how does that begin to happen. Somebody fell asleep at the switch," said Pickell.

State law prevents inmates from making money from their crimes, but Leyton says even so--the thought that someone would want to cash-in on someone else's pain and heartbreak is troubling.

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