Kingston community reacts to fatal crash

The community of Kingston is reacting to news of a fatal crash that killed five people.

It happened on Kingston Road in Koylton Township, just south of Centerline Road.

NBC25 spoke with witnesses who say they are shook up and shocked by the accident, but they aren't surprised at where it happened.

Kingston road is notorious for being treacherous and they say it was only a matter of time before someone lost control.

Shards of glass, broken car parts, and a damaged tree are what TMs left at the scene of a fatal car crash in Koylton Township.

Five people died early Saturday morning.

"2:30 went outside to let the dog out, and the lights were just everywhere, there was a bunch of vehicles here and we knew it was kind of bad," said Kingston Resident Clayton Wood who lives near the accident scene.

A mustang convertible was driving north on Kingston Road when it lost control on this curve, hit a tree, and flipped over.

This is what's left of the vehicle.

Stacy Seifferlein says her boyfriend's niece lives nearby and rushed outside to see what had happened.

"She was, didn't realize anyone had been injured and it was a disaster, it was gory," said Stacy Seifferlein, the bartender at Kingston Times Bar and Grill.

Residents who live along Kingston Road say this portion along this curve is very treacherous; there have been several accidents in the past few years because many drivers don't heed the speed limit, and they don't see the curves.

"It TMs a bad road in daylight let alone at night," said Seifferlein.

The driver was 38-year-old Sandra Chance from Marlette.

The passengers were 30-year-old Brian Reinhardt from Troy, 36-year-old

Jeremy Smith from North Branch, 46-year-old Gean Jones from Marlette, and

35-year-old Jason Shelton from Kingston.

Shelton is the third person from Kingston who died this summer.

The small community is shaken up.

"What's going to happen tomorrow, are we all going to be here, or are we going to lose a family member?" said Seifferlein.

The tragedy is also difficult for law enforcement. Sunday morning the Tuscola County Sheriff called a victim's father to tell him his son had died.

"I just offered my condolences and asked if there was anything we could do for them," said Tuscola County Sheriff Lee Teschendorf.

The sheriff says no illegal drugs or alcohol were found in the Mustang. The cause of the crash is still being investigated.

Right now the Tuscola County Sheriff's Office is waiting for toxicology results from the victims, and is reconstructing the accident scene to find out what caused the crash

Last Labor Day weekend four people died in alcohol-related crashes.