Kwame Kilpatrick released from prison to prepare for next trial

He TMs been in and out of courts for a sex scandal, corruption, and violating parole, and now former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is being set free.

NBC25 TMs sister station in Detroit, WDIV-TV, reports Kilpatrick will be released sometime after July 24th.

In 2008, the controversial mayor was caught having an affair with chief of staff, Christine Beatty. He originally lied about the scandal, but soon later pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice.

He and his father were also indicted for taking kickback and bribes.

In 2010, he was sent to sent to prison for failing to return $1 million in restitution to the city of Detroit.

In the latest escapade, he was put in federal prison for violating his probation.

The entire drama is continuing to unfold now, as a Detroit judge allowed him to be free from prison. However, his freedom might be short-lived. Kilpatrick is preparing for yet another trial that will begin in 2012 on federal corruption charges.

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