Lake Fenton Leukemia Foundation is looking for some help from professional athletes

Trina Florence-King

The mother of a victim of Leukemia is looking to take her foundation to a new level by getting five professional athletes involved.

When Eli Florence-King died of Leukemia on October 14, 2007 he left behind a legacy that is still being carried on by his mother through the Eli Foundation.

The Eli Foundation was founded to help families in need that have a child with pediatric leukemia.

To this end Trina Florence-King, Eli's mother, is putting together a new program to honor a group of students that supported Eli at Lake Fenton High School.

The High School group, the Lake Fenton 5, was made up of five athletes at the school who wanted to be sure that Eli, in his sophomore year, won as Homecoming King.

The boys, who were in the pool of potential winners of Homecoming King, decided that no one deserved it more then Eli and so made sure he got the crown.

Now Trina Florence-King is creating the PRO5, which she hopes will be a group of professional athletes that will help raise awareness and money for those with pediatric leukemia.

So far Albert Morris of the Washington Redskins has signed on to help.

Florence-King is hoping to get athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and NASCAR to join in on the cause as well.

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You can also find out more about the Eli Foundation and PRO5 at their website.