Lake Fenton Middle School program sets the example

Lake Fenton Middle School showed off their robotics program in East Lansing.

Lake Fenton Middle Schoolâ??s robotics program is leading the way.

â??We're showing you how these mechanisms work and what we've been doing in class,â?? says Grace Rhoades, who participates in the program.

The science program is taking center stage at the Project Lead The Way conference in East Lansing.

â??I've seen my kids excited about it,â?? says Bill Rae, who teaches the program at Lake Fenton Middle School. â??They come in and they talk about the technology and they're intelligently talking about some things and they learn without even knowing they're learning,â?? he adds.

Thatâ??s what a new study by the Michigan League for Public Policy wants more of.

The group's study finds Michigan children are falling behind, not having enough preparation to become successful adults.

â??I can see we're declining in a lot of different ways,â?? says Rae but he adds that's not the case in his classroom.

In Grace, my daughter's case, she's a very hard worker,â?? says Bryon Rhoades, Graceâ??s father. â??Very energetic, very detail oriented and this particular program expands on that,â?? he adds.

Thatâ??s why Lake Fenton educators, parents and students agree---programs like this will help Michigan students stay on track.

â??It gives a real world application as opposed to just learning for learning. They understand why they need to learn,â?? says Rae.

â??Itâ??s a life skill that everyone should learn,â?? adds Grace.