Lake Superior says winter, but Spring finally says no

Courtesy: NOAA

Warmer temperatures are finally here, they just were not here today.

Sunday should have plenty of sunshine and highs near or just above 50 degrees, opening the door for even more warm air.

The clear skies continue into Monday morning and through the afternoon for a beautiful Detroit Tigers Opening Day.

While temperatures reach the 50's, only a few will go much higher and here is why.

Blame the lakes, Lakes Huron and Erie to be exact.

Anyone west of US-23/I-75 will most likely see 60 degrees, the eastern portion may not because of the winds blowing over the cold lakes and on land.

Monday evening the clouds roll in and this sets the stage for several low pressure systems to hit one after the other with rain showers.

Now rain will most likely not make it all the way to the northern counties for the middle one, but the chance remains widespread all week.

Watch for isolated flood potential through the week and we will keep you updated.