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      LakeVille students experience chilly first day back

      It's students' first day back after three snow days in the LakeVille School District.

      But for some of them, they say they can't escape the cold even in class.

      The December ice storm and more than a foot of snow have knocked out ventilators in parts of the high school and Columbiaville Elementary.

      Despite ventilator problems, school officials say the buildings are heated but students say it doesn't feel like it .

      " I 'm not sure if there is heat but I'm not feeling any of it , " said senior LakeVille student, Ralyn Shrum.

      Shrum pack ed up her books early Thursday.

      " T hree of my friends have already went home it's freezing . I 'm heading home. My mom told me it's ridiculous we have school so she told me to go home," she said.

      She said the school building is just too col d.

      "One of my friends is walking around in a winter jacket and gloves."

      Freezing temperatures and piling snow broke down ventilators in some high school and elementary classrooms.

      Workers T hursday cleared away the remnants of the weekend storm.

      "J ust cleaning around the vents and drain system to get heat going for them so it vents right and get the building heated back up for them , " said repair worker, Mathew Greenman.

      Superintendent, Vickie Luoma, insists the building is warm, though probably slightly cooler than normal.

      " T he building has heat , " she said Thursday.

      In classrooms where the ventilators are not working, Luoma said they are using electric heaters.

      " T he building has been inspected by the state fire marshal , the state electrical inspector , state boiler inspector and they are all fine with what they see , " she assured.

      L akeVille High school and Columbiaville Elementary are both waiting on ventilator parts.

      The elementary repairs should be complete this weekend.

      The parts for the high school will take between 7 to ten days to arrive.

      The good news, the aging ventilator systems will be replaced this summer.