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      Lapeer County storm damage devastates residents

      House on Carpenter Road in Oregon Township twisted and knocked off its basement

      Residents in Oregon Township have an attitude of amazement and an awe of what weather can do.

      Just before 7:00 Thursday night, a tornado twisted a house on Carpenter Road and pushed it off its basement.

      Inside the basement, Bill Boots, his wife, and son take cover under a couch.

      "I actually felt the pressure of it trying to pull us up. I'm dead serious. I felt myself coming away from that basement," says Boots.

      Among the massive mess is Bill's wife's wedding ring, but he's not so concerned about that.

      He's just glad he still has his family. "All I honestly thought was the safety of my wife and son."

      He's in borrowed clothes from neighbors.

      His possessions are somewhere floating in the Flint River heading downstream.

      Down the road, Stanley Road is closed while crews from Cass City, Marysville, and Lapeer try to get the power back on.

      "We have I think 1,117 customers apparently showing out on this portion of the circuit. We're isolating areas and trying to re-energize the people that we can," says Consumers Energy line supervisor Mark Pierson.

      "It was scary," says Connie Bannister of Oregon Township. She says, in 90 seconds, everything outside was rearranged.

      A trailer flew over a Suburban and crashed into a boat.

      "We were just watching all of our stuff in the air. That truck lifted up off the ground and slammed back down," says Bannister.

      Builders spent the day buttoning up what is left, filling the air with a concerto of chainsaws.

      Storm victim Leigh Ragle says, "The rain came down sideways. When it came down sideways, stuff started flying all over the place."

      Back to Bill Boots' home, he says this happened for a reason and that he's grateful for those helping out.

      Boots has an RV to stay in on site. He wants to stay there and watch this house be rebuilt.