Late-afternoon thunderstorm downs tree in Birch Run

It was a soggy Thursday across parts of Mid-Michigan. Some areas even saw some storm damage from high wind gusts late afternoon, and one house in Birch Run fell victim to a fast-moving thunderstorm.

The Thompson family kids and friends said they were out in the garage on a "ghost adventure." They were hoping to get some paranormal activity on tape. What they got instead was a thunderstorm that packed a powerful punch with heavy rains, strong wind gusts and thunder and flashes of lightning.

Twelve-year-old Jorden Thompson said, â??We heard this big thunder crash. It shook the house and then there was another thunder, we thought it was thunder, but it turned out it was the tree that fell.â??

Jordenâ??s mother, Nicole Thompson, said, â??[The storm] started quickly and I would say within 10 minutes I had got the window shut and the tree was down."

The massive tree in the front yard cracked near the root and fell toward the house, missing it by about a foot.

The fire department confirmed no power lines were down and no one was injured.