Late grandmother's house burglarized the night of her funeral

Viona Sauer's daughter, Lila Cook, shows where thieves broke into the home

Family members are calling it the lowest of the low.

A grandmother passes away and thieves break in and steal from her home the night of the funeral.

Eighty-year-old Viona Sauer died of heart and lung disease.

Monday, her family laid her to rest. That night, thieves broke into her Mt. Morris Township home trashing it, stealing several items, even stealing food from the fridge, and they tried to do it again.

The garage window's on Viona Sauer's home are now boarded up to keep burglars from breaking in a third time.

Security signs now cover the windows, doors, and property to remind potential thieves that the place is being monitored.

Monday night, family members say the home was ransacked.

Thieves stole jewelry, irreplaceable items, and even food from the fridge.

The family says the thieves stole more than just tangible items.

Sauer's daughter Lila Cook says, "Out of all the things they took of mom's the first thing they took was her dignity. She had a lot of pride in her home, and she had specific ideas as to how things were to work out after she was gone and the next thing they took was our inheritance. They took our grief. They have taken away time that was meant for my mom, and I just despise that."

Family members say the suspect's vehicle is a 2001 silver Buick Century that has a crack in the back passenger-side fender.