Late Mott Lake Fisherman honored with vigil

Trenton Dobrzenski's family members tossed flowers into Mott Lake in the 19-year-old's honor.

More than a hundred people honored the 19-year-old fisherman found dead in Mott Lake.

The body of Trenton Dobrzenski was recovered Thursday morning with the help of Michigan State Police cadaver dog. Dobrzenski was found not far from where his boat capsized May 1. Dobrzenskiâ??s nieces and nephews tossed flowers into Mott Lake off the boat launch Dobrzenski and a friend used.

Dobrzenskiâ??s family members say they're grateful to everyone who helped search for him, and that knowing he will rest in peace gives them some sense of closure.

"He was his dad's best friend," Dobrzenskiâ??s sister Hollie Nelson said. â??Not only did Dad lose a son and his baby, but he lost his best friend.â??

Dobrzenskiâ??s sister Trisha Lannon said, "Itâ??s the end of this part of a chapter. W e can move on. Closure is close at hand. Healing, healing is the next process."

The family wanted to thank everyone for the support they've received from friends, neighbors and people who helped search for Dobrzenski for more than a week.

His funeral is scheduled from 12 to 2 p.m. next Thursday at the Swartz Funeral Home.