Law enforcement officials say marijuana regulation good for Michigan

Michigan lawmakers have passed a flurry of bills before heading into Winter break.

Three pieces of legislation deal with the use and sale of medicinal marijuana.

Coleman Shepherd has been the owner of Clio Caregiver Connection for more than two years.

"It's more like a patient caregiver transfer center," he said.

His business, a liaison for patients and medicinal marijuana doctors Shepherd explains, â??education, place they can come and medicate, certification, place where they can come get their doctors certificate."

His services, he says, are life-altering for those who really need them.

"I have some that are crying that come in here in so much pain."

In addition to Shepherd's services, state legislators voted to allow pharmacies to sell medical marijuana.

House Bill 660 would still have to be approved by the federal government.

Local law enforcement officers say the measure would better regulate cannabis.

"If you're able to pick it up from a legit pharmacy like we're all used to doing it'll make people feel a lot better about what they're purchasing," said Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel.

"You should learn what you're taking in why you're taking it, what kind of strain works for you," advises Shepherd.

Dispensaries are still illegal in Michigan, however, the State House did pass a bill giving local governments the power to allow or prohibit them.

That bill will be taken up by the State Senate next year in addition to legislation authorizing non-smokable forms of marijuana.