Law enforcement reacts to Sheriff's mobile crime unit plan

The sheriff's vision is to bring multiple agencies together to physically pull out violent offenders in the city. The sheriff has been opposed by other agencies asked to be involved because they are already working on the problem.

Sheriff Pickell says, "at what point do you recognize that what your doing ain't working and you stop and say maybe we need a fresh approach?â??

Pickell's mobile unit plan call's for multiple agencies including the Michigan State Police to work in the city as a single task force. Pickell is standing alone on the proposed plan. Flint post commander Matt Bolger says, "we're already doing it. We welcome him to join us on the efforts in the city of Flint anytime."

Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock agrees, adding, "we already got task forces that are working. What is wrong with joining one of the one's that are already here and established their not going to do any different work."

Pickell says the difference with his plan is using men and women from the area who are ready to get their hands dirty and root out violent offenders.

"They don't know flint, I know Flint. I have been here since 1965, I have worked here,â?? said Pickell.

The Michigan State Police says they have committed uniformed patrol officers already in the city.

"These troopers know the area they are familiar with the area, they are invested in the area and they want to succeed,â?? said Bolger.

The Flint city lock up is operating at low occupancy. Pickell says his plan will fill the cells.

"It's costing the tax payers 465 dollars per inmate,â?? said Pickell.

MSP says they are aware of the city lock up issue, and are working to fix the problem.

"We have been working with the sheriff to open that up so that not just the state police, city of Flint, Mott Community College and U of M Flint can lodge in the lockup but any county in Genesee."

The mobile crime unit is just a proposal and while the city and state oppose the new plan. They are continuing efforts in the city to curb violent crime.