Lawmakers look to make community service a requirement to receive welfare

Should community service be a requirement to receive welfare? Everyoneâ??s got an opinion on it.

â??I think it's a great idea,â?? says Ryan Reynolds of Fenton.

â??It's ridiculous,â?? says Terrell Lee of Flint.

â??Community service has always been a part of this right from the outset of welfare reform,â?? says Jackie Doig, director of advocacy for the Center for Social Justice in Flint.

She says welfare recipients have always had the option of performing community service to meet state requirements.

â??It has been the law since 1996---at least,â?? says Doig.

But it was an option, now lawmakers are looking to make it mandatory to receive new benefits.

â??If i have to pay taxes, they should have to pay something as well,â?? says Reynolds.

â??Itâ??s unfair, I totally disagree with it,â?? says Lee.

â??Thereâ??s stuff that needs to be done, people are just unwilling,â?? says Reynolds.

Lawmakers seem to agree with Reynolds but others say that time could be spent elsewhere.

â??Looking for jobs, filling out resumes and applications,â?? says Lee. â??That's dumb,â?? he adds.

NBC25â??s calls to Senator Joe Hune, the billâ??s sponsor, were not returned Thursday.

Both the state house and state senate have passed this bill. So, it could be law in a matter of weeks.