Lawmakers pass Sunday morning liquor sales

Firkin and Fox English Pub in Burton

Michigan lawmakers pass Sunday and Christmas morning liquor sales.

For those of you who crave a cold one the morning of a big game, your dream TMs come true.

State lawmakers approved a bill this week that would allow the sales, and Governor Granholm says she will sign it.

Under the measure, retailers, restaurants and bars would be able to begin selling alcohol at seven in the morning.

Right now you can't buy liquor until noon.

Retailers will have to pay an extra $160 fee, but some say it TMs worth it for their customers.

"We get a few guys that come in at 11:30 a.m. waiting for the game to start, and they like to have a beer, so it TMs good for them," said Tim Walli, the General Manager of Firkin and Fox English Pub in Burton.

Servers at Firkin and Fox say a lot of their customers ask for Bloody Mary TMs Sunday morning, and they're excited they'll be able to offer them soon.

But they'll have to wait until the house approves the bill.

Granholm vetoed a similar bill in October.

The new bill eliminates the provisions she objected to.