Lawmakers to vote on anti-bullying legislation

Next week the state senate will look at an anti-bullying bill spear-headed by Senator John Gleason, a democrat from Flushing.

NBC25 caught up with Sen.Gleason in Lansing Thursday. He said the reaction of other state senators to the bill caused him to stay overnight at the Capitol last week to protest.

Democrats and republicans remain divided over the language of the bill.

Gleason said the issue is personal to him after a young relative of his committed suicide after being bullied.

"It's a shame that so many people had to lose their lives up to this point. If this law had been passed sometime ago we wouldn't have the casualties or sorrows and the loss that we have today. We've been negligent not doing this. It's time to put it to rest, " said Se. Gleason.

Michigan is one of only three states without a law addressing bullying in school.