Lawsuits claiming prostitution, stolen funds filed against Shriner organization and former employee

It's the organization responsible for the Shrine Circus and other charitable events that all benefit sick children.

Now, officials with Clio-based Elf Khurafey Shrine say they're suspicious their own employees have been stealing money.

"When the improprieties started to identify themselves then the folks that immediately became under suspicion were the ones that had access to the funds and the power to transfer those funds," said Shrine General Council, Robert Swartwood.

Shrine officials say one of the parties being investigated is Nicholas Singelis.

The former face and marketing guru for Shrine lost his job in March when officials say they noticed money was missing.

"Things aren't adding up but the more we dig into this it appears there is money missing. A large amount of money," said Swartwood.

But Singelis' attorney, George Hamo, said his client was actually bringing in more money than ever before.

"It's a bunch of malarkey because anytime you have a business, any business person any person will tell you the same thing, more revenue you have coming in more expenses you're going to have," said Hamo.

Now, Singelis has filed his own lawsuit against Shriners stating innapropriate and illegal activity went on last November.

He said he filed a complaint with Shrine officials and the International Shriner organization.

Reading the complaint, Attorney Greg Gibbs states, "strippers and young girls performing sex acts on numerous members."

Gibbs stating this is the real reason his client was fired citing a violation of the Whistleblowers' Protection Act.

"Reaons they fired him is because he reported this illegal activity," said Gibbs.

Shriner officials say otherwise.

"These are mere allegations and in our opinion retaliation," said Swartwood.

The claims are currently filed in Saginaw County court.

Attorneys have filed a motion to move the case to Genesee County and are waiting for a judge to make a decision.