Layoffs and station closures expected after Flint loses $7.9 million grant

The Flint fire department has had federal funding for the past few years.

Fire offficials are mum tonight about the changes but emergency manager Darnell Earley is speaking out.

He says the city can't depend on outside sources to fund services. Earley says significant changes will be made when the funding runs out on June 30th.

Ken Hardy's hat says it all.

â??Born and raised here,â?? says Hardy.

Heâ??s proud of the progress his hometown has made in fighting arsons.

â??Donâ??t like to see it,â?? says Hardy.

Now he's worried about his neighborhood.

Cuts could be coming to the fire station, two doors down.

â??Thereâ??s a lot of crime and burning of houses,â?? says Hardy.

Flint losing out on more than $7 million of federal money to help run the fire department.

â??Downsizing is a very real part of putting together systems that the city can afford,â?? says Darnell Earley, Flintâ??s emergency manager.

Earley would not confirm layoff numbers Tuesday.

Last month, Fire Chief David Cox said he'd be forced to close two fire houses and pink slip 19 firefighters.

â??Ya, need to add jobs, not take them away,â?? says Hardy.

â??Anybody that wants to write us a check for, I think it was $7 million, we'll gladly take it,â?? says Earley.

While that may be a pipe dream, Earley says an outside consultant will crunch numbers to iron out a restructuring plan for the summer.

â??If we don't do anything and just continue to depend on someone bringing and providing services at that level, we'll never get ahead,â?? says Earley.

Neighbors are hoping the restructuring won't leave their neighborhood's vulnerable.

NBC25â??s calls to the Flint Firefighters Union were not returned Tuesday.