Leaders say $2.3 federal grant is temporary fix for Saginaw fire dept.

A two-year grant to save firefighter jobs in Saginaw is a temporary fix, leaders say, and the search for a permanent solution continues.

The city council Monday night formally accepted the $2.3 million dollar SAFER grant the fire department received last month, saving 15 firefighters from being laid off. The money will also allow the city to keep all four fire stations open granted minimum staffing levels can be maintained.

City administrators say the two-year grant from FEMA gives the city some time to explore a more sustainable way to provide public safety.

They say they're looking at creative options and revisiting other possible solutions, such as collaborating with other area fire departments.

â??It doesn't do anything for the other side of the equation. I mean, it gives us some breathing room on the fire side, obviously, but it does in no way impact the downsizing or restructuring of the police department, so we take what we can get and we do the best with what we have,â?? Saginaw city manager Darnell Earley said.

Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Flint Township) will visit the Saginaw Fire Department Tuesday afternoon to discuss how the SAFER grant will help the city in the near future.