League of Women Voters forum takes a closer look at road proposal

The League of Woman Voters hosted a forum Tuesday night in Flint to discuss Proposal One.

"We're seeing an increasingly higher percentage of the roads in bad condition," said John Daly, the director and manager of the Genesee County Road Commission.

Proposal One would increase the sales tax from six percent to seven percent and create a new wholesale fuel tax. Sales tax would no longer be charged on diesel or gasoline.

"When you do that you're affecting other parties that get some of that sales tax revenue earmarked like the public education system. Local governments," said Bob Schneider with Citizens Research Council of Michigan.

Flint resident Chris Zuwala attended the forum and thinks the proposal should have only addressed roads and has too many other issues attached to it.

The proposal triggers several other changes like eliminating registration discounts on new vehicles.

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