Learn About 4H

I TMm always amazed at how into it students in 4H are with regards to their projects or raising of animals. The commitment to raise an animal for show or for auction is definitely a great way to learn work ethic. Maddy and Renae from Davison visited me in the NBC 25 and Farm Bureau Weather Garden. They brought Buddy, an eighteen pound rabbit. This year Maddy and Renae are raising sheep to bring to the Lakeville Livestock Auction. The sheep will weigh about 130 pounds by the time of the auction. All of this is important in continuing the agricultural economy here in Michigan. It is the largest employer in the state, and one out of three jobs is somehow tied to agriculture. If you or one of your children is interested in 4H, you can contact the Farm Bureau in your county. They will give you the information on how to participate.