Lebowsky Center begins construction after 6 years

In nearly a century of existence the Lebowsky Theater has seen many changes including being repurposed as a movie theater. After six years of waiting the community is seeing the rebirth of a landmark.

"The fire was devastating for us and the community," said Owosso Community Players Executive Director Linda Keenan.

The aftermath of arson six years ago. After securing 5 million dollars in funds the Lebowsky Theater is coming back.

"It doesn't look like much but the plans are all done and it is going to be great," said Keenan.

The Owosso community players are working to restore the old theater back to what makes it special.

"Any number of people will come in and say oh, I had my first date in the balcony or I was making out with someone in the balcony," said Keenan.

"I guess back in the 50's it was dates,â?? said Owosso resident Ray Newman.

After losing everything Owosso residents say they were doubtful it could be restored.

"But the community really came together and donated 1.5 million towards the reconstruction of the theater," said Keenan.

Reconstruction and a chance to improve the lebowsky center.

"The inside is going to be more modern the seating is going to be different. It is going to be better," said Keenan.

And better for downtown Owosso business.

"The downtown area said they thought they would bring in another 29 new jobs," said Keenan.

A six year eye sore now restored Owosso resident ray Newman is hopeful for the lebowsky.

"It looks good now from the outside hopefully they can do the inside as good as it was," said Newman.

The Owosso community players say their next goal is to open their doors in a year debt free and start creating new memories.